UCLG-ALGA : https://www.uclg.org/

United Cities and Local Governments of Africa

United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) is the Pan-African Organization which represents the Territorial Communities of the entire African continent.

Created in May 2005, UCLG Africa brings together more than 45 National Associations of Governments and Local Authorities, ie 350 million African citizens and more than 2,000 cities covering the 5 regions of Africa (Southern, Central, East, West and North ).

Promoting Decentralization in Africa and within the African Territorial Communities as autonomous and distinct spheres of government, but also contributing to the unity of the African continent from its deep roots, thanks to the dynamism of the Territorial Communities, are among the missions UCLG Africa.

For 20 years, and every 3 years, UCLG-Africa organizes its major Summit (Africities). The most recent one took place in Marrakech, Morocco and saw the participation of some 8,000 participants representing all the actors and stakeholders involved in the transition dynamic for sustainable development.

UCLG Africa also aims to give visibility to Local Authorities, to empower them and to strengthen their capacities. To do this, it has created an African Academy of Territorial Communities (ALGA) since 2009.

Since February 2017, UCLG-Africa has become a member of IIAS, while ALGA is a member of IASIA. It is a model of "Win-Win Partnership" based on mutual support, exchange of experience and good practices, organization of joint activities, etc ...

ALGA deploys its activities in Africa through a network of Institutes of anchorage, numbering 25 today, in addition to the support of other Partners including UNDESA, UNESCO, ISESCO, etc ....

Dr. Najat Zarrouk, Director of UCLG Africa, (Morocco)