IIAS has a complex governance because of the number of entities, groups, projects, and activities coming under its purview. The Secretariat is registered as an AISBL (NGO) in Belgium and is managed by a General Director who operates under the authority of the Council of Administration and its President.

The Presidents of IIAS affiliates are consulted over the designation of the General Director and over the strategic direction of the Secretariat. The Secretariat is bound to implement decisions of those Boards and their Presidents in relation to their entities. The graphic shows the skeleton of the governance structure of IIAS and its affiliates.

IIAS Governance is characterized by extreme flexibility and autonomy of its operations. The common vision and mission of the different entities is what makes this governance work.

During the Governance week held in Brussels in the Winter of every year, panels are organized with the participation of IIAS entities and partners to discuss the overall governance of the IIAS group in view of ensuring the continued effectiveness of its action. The concomitant organization of the statutory meetings for all entities run by the Secretariat during the Winter in Brussels is the opportunity to discuss adjustments to the overall governance.