The Secretariat is the Executive arm of the Institute and its affiliates, which are headquarters in Brussels. It is managed by the Director General (DG) who is appointed by the Council of Administration, and thereby placed under the latter’s authority and that of the President. The DG also coordinates with the Presidents of the other entities whose operations come under his purview (IASIA & EGPA).

The DG is in charge of the Permanent Administrative Services and is responsible for all administrative and scientific operations of the Secretariat. Under the authority of the DG, the Secretariat is responsible for the proper delivery of all services rendered by IIAS and its entities. The DG and his secretariat are the guardians of IIAS assets and have to secure its income and financial solvency.

Within the overall governance of the Institute, the DG has full autonomy in planning and conducting the Institute’s work, in setting the internal organization of the Secretariat, as well as in the appointment of the Secretariat personnel and determining their compensation levels. The Council of Administration of IIAS determines the indemnity or salary of the Director General, as well as his terms of appointment beyond what is specified in the by-laws.

The Secretariat is tasked with enabling IIAS entities to achieve their strategic objectives. As such, its actions will be primarily scientific and in relation with the core business of IIAS and its affiliates. Some of the scientific activies coordinated by the Secretariat are its entities events (annual conferences for example). Some events depend directly on the Secretatiat (Research Academy, Governance Week).