Networks Governance, Partnership Management and Coalitions Federation - IIAS-IISA - International Institute of Administrative Sciences - Institut international des Sciences administratives

9781137566621.inddEd: Assens, Christophe, Courie  Lemeur, Aline (Ed)

Series: Governance and Public Management – Pivot Series – Palgrave (2016)

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This book explores the governance of networks. A network’s governance mechanisms are based on trust and confidence, which go beyond a simple economic logic. As the network’s boundaries expand to include clusters of businesses and stakeholders and the emergence of coalitions of all kinds, the trust will gradually dilute and the network’s unifying role will be lost. The organization then evolves into the form of a network of networks, where the challenge is to bring together coalitions. Using examples from the European Union and the Regional Health Federation of Networks, this book explores the political and socio-economic challenges, including the decision making and division of tasks, faced by network organizations which move to a federation model of governance.

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