The questions studied must relate to the major problems of contemporary administration in all regions of the world and be of particular interest to national and international administrations. Articles must, to the greatest extent possible, include the latest knowledge and experience in the fields studied and underline the comparative perspectives.

The main sectors with which IIAS is concerned are the following:

As an overview of the field of public administration in relation to its law, management and future, a first block of four sectors:

  • Administration Law

  • Administrative Management Sciences

  • Sociology of Administration

  • Modernisation, Innovation and Change, Planning and Forecasting (all new practices, new models, etc…)

A second group of sectors requiring more specialised studies and thought, in relation to the traditional classification of basic concepts in the administrative sciences:

  • Administrative Structures (central, regional, local)

  • Administrative Procedures

  • Personnel Administration and Human Resource

  • Development

  • Public Policies (policy formulation, implementation and evaluation)

A  third group of sectors whose relative autonomy is generally respected:

  • Public Finance (a question at the center of the analysis of problems relative to administration)

  • Public Enterprises (a factor which is always at the periphery of administration)

  • International Administration


  • Innovation (theories and practices)

  • Experiences (case studies, particular knowledge of questions and problems studied, etc…)

  • Conciseness (clarity – exactness – logical construction – etc…)


A) Articles must be typed, double-spaced,  a maximum of 7000 words (text, tables, figures, references included).

B) Articles must be original and should not have been submitted to other reviews.

C) Articles must be written in French or English. They will be published in French, English and Chinese; the translation is to be provided by IIAS.

D) Presentation of the manuscript:

All footnotes are to be numbered consecutively throughout the length of the article and inserted at the bottom of the corresponding page of the manuscript;

bibliographic references are to include at least the following indications:

  • For books:
    Initials and name of the author (in this order), title of the publication (underlined), place of publication, publishing house and year of publication, number of the page (p.) or pages (pp.) to which one is referring;

  • For articles:
    Initials and name of the author, title of the article in quotation marks, title of the periodical (underlined), place of publication (in parenthesis), date of the number and page (p.) or (pp.) to which on is referring.

The titles of articles, books and periodicals are always to be indicated in the original language.

E) Authors are requested to attach to their article a separate page, on which is to be included a short fifteen-line biographical note.


It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain any authorization relative to duplication and copyright relative to texts that are quoted and duplicated in their text.


The selection of an article for publication is based on the comments and suggestions of three specialists chosen by the Steering Committee (one a national of the country/region or agency which is in question, the other specialists from diverse administrative systems: Anglo-Saxon, French, Scandinavian, German, Arab, Asiatic, etc…).

Articles are dispatched anonymously to these specialists who give their advice on whether the article should be accepted or not. If the article is accepted with conditions, the author is then requested to revise it taking into account the remarks made.

The conclusions of the specialists are sent to the authors of articles usually within a period of four months from the date of the article’s receipt.

Authors will receive a copy of the Review in French and in English as well as 25 offprints in the language of their article.

One copy of each manuscript is to be sent preferably by e-mail to:

or to

  • The International Review of Administrative Sciences
    c/o IIAS
    6th Floor C Block
    Rue du Commerce 96
    1040 Brussels (Belgium)