Vol. 1 (2016), n°1 - IIAS-IISA - International Institute of Administrative Sciences - Institut international des Sciences administratives


Vol. 1 (2016), n°1

Executive Editors : Juraj Nemec, Michiel de Vries and Robert Fouchet

ISSN: 2466-8877

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Table of Content

Editorial Note

Michiel S de Vries

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IASIA Keynote Speech

Il Buon Governo Senese: Classic Aspects of (Alternative) Public Service Delivery

Wolfgang Drechsler

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Policy Paper

Transforming Public Service for Effective Integrated Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

John-Mary Kauzya

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Analysis from within

Institutional development beyond the crisis: the public decisions in Brazil

Bianor Scelza Cavalcanti & Guilherme R. Garcia Marques

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Research Note

Quality of life and Satisfaction with Public Services in Qatar: Qataris versus expatriate’s perspectives

Nada Abdelkader Benmansour

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PhD Research Paper

The Dynamics of Failing Service Delivery in Nigeria and Ghana

Mary S. Mangai

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Latest Publications of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences

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