Lecture 2015: Margaret Saner - IIAS-IISA - International Institute of Administrative Sciences - Institut international des Sciences administratives


The 2015 Braibant Lecture was given by Margaret Saner  (UK), Independent Adviser, Chair of UN-CEPA (UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration) during the International Congress of IIAS in Rio de Janeiro.

Citizens and Public Servants: How is the Trust Relationship Evolving?

Mrs Saner drew on her experience as a practitioner, facilitator, international adviser and representative. She reflected on the current UNCEPA and IIAS agendas around the status and value of trust between and amongst the public and public servants. Mrs Saner discussed examples of problems faced and overcome by herself and by others. She offered a personal perspective on emerging challenges and speculate on possible directions of travel, including their inherent demands, for the future.

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Margaret Saner is an independent adviser specialising in Governance, Leadership, Change and Institution Building. Margaret is the current Chair of the United Nations Committee of Experts in Public Administration (UNCEPA). In her career in the UK Civil Service, Margaret led a number service-wide initiatives in the UK and elsewhere gaining extensive international experience including a loan to the Government of Kenya as adviser to the Prime Minister; initially on establishing his Office and Strategic Plan followed by implementation, including public sector transformation, leadership development and implementation of the new Constitution. Prior to this she supported the Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in the UK in establishing cross government accountability for results. Margaret founded the Sunningdale Institute and is a former Chief Executive of the Civil Service College. She is a former Director at CAPAM and established the Institutes Network, working with Leaders of Reform, Heads of Public Service and Heads of Institutes to align learning and development more effectively with public service modernization and reform.

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