This audience included the President of the Belgian Conseil d’etat and figures from around the world. The lecture referred to the fact that in matters of administration, history decides, but that the future was open to those with new ideas and intellectual courage. Guy Braibant is unique as having been both a Director General of the Institute in the late 1970s and its President in the 1990s. He approaches the next decade in fine health and good humour, and active as ever in France and around the world.

The text of the lecture has been published in full by the Institute in a limited edition.

Le passé et l’avenir de l’administration publique 
par Guy Braibant
First “Braibant Lecture”
Edited by Michael Duggett
Distribution : IIAS/IISA, 2002, 48 pp.


In giving him a “small gift” of a bronze lion to commemorate the lecture the current president of the IIAS, Atangana Mebara (in photo, left, together with Madame Turkia Ould Daddah and Past President Ambassador Ignacio Pichardo Pagaza) described him as the “Untamable Lion of public administration” because, like his native country’s football team, which has recently won the African Cup of Nations, “you always win”.