The main objective of the study group is to map and compare the reform agendas of national states between different regions of the world in the beginning of the 21st century as they unfold under the pressures of globalization. In this century, national states will be confronted by increasingly globalized problems, such as climate change, transnational migration, terrorism, economic inequalities, and the financial crisis. Although the challenges are the same, the responses in terms of reform agendas will be very different. Western European countries are faced to constraints imposed by the international crisis, and some of them are trying to resist against the assault on the Welfare State machine; the agenda thus tends to protect their bureaucracy that has been transformed in the last quarter of 20th century. In other regions, or for emerging economies, there is a movement towards an expansion of the State machine, in a context marked by an unfinished agenda of reforms ? here the agenda needs to focus on reforming bureaucracy and the search for results.