SG V: Public Administration and Cultural Heritage

General Objectives
This projects aims at improving and strengthening the capability of public administrations to protect and to enhance Cultural Heritage, as a key factor for boosting state, regional and local
attractiveness, economy and for contributing to sustainable development. At this end, it seems important to share and to compare the experiences of regulatory actions enacted in order to guarantee cultural heritage safeguard and improve its fruition and knowledge as of direct actions State, regional and local authorities have undertaken to this purpose. Many of these tools proved hard to handle and seem to claim further and more exhaustive reflections and studies.
Especially difficult has been, in a lot of experiences, implementing effective models of partnerships between public and private cultural sector actors, despite the emphasis put on privates involvement in Cultural Heritage Enhancement.
Specific Objectives

To the purposes described above, the project will examine and compare the legal framework regarding Cultural Heritage in four different areas (Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia).
To this end, four main issues will be taken into account: the definition of Cultural Heritage and cultural property; functions delivered by public administrations; the institutional framework; public and private partnerships instruments.

  • About the first issue: the project will consider national legislations and will highlight the legal requirements and criteria according to which cultural objects are identified and regulated.
  • About the second issue: the research will focus on the functions carried out by public administrations in this sector.
  • About the third issue: the project aims at analyzing the institutional framework existing in the different countries selected.
  • About the fourth issue: public and private partnerships mechanisms will beanalyzed from a dual perspective.
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