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The new Study Group on Quality of Governance in a global context aims at relating, connecting and synergizing these and other fields of study. We do not want to compete, let alone hinder the manifold initiatives present, but aim to relate and strengthen them through the creation of a new global forum in this challenging and important area.

The leading question will be:

What is quality of governance and how can this quality be advanced in multifaced national and international governance processes and structures?
Governance concerns the involvement of public (and private) actors to address social problems, including policy-making and implementation. Quality refers to a diversity of values, including the ethics and integrity of governance. Other criteria refer to the rule of law, democracy and legitimacy, and effectiveness of governance.

Topics to be explored include:

  1. Quality of Governance: Good Governance in Context
    Good governance as managing public values good and well, law and integrity, in politics and administration, relating elite and street-level values and involvement.
  2. Good governance policies, systems, instruments, leadership
    Many initiatives to improve the quality of governance are proposed or present.
  3. Quality of Governance Organization and Relations
    The relationship between quality of governance and the structure of governance (including centralisation-decentralisation; public private partnerships, the involvement of civil society and third sector organizations).
  4. Quality of Governance and Governance Studies: theory and methodology
    Reflection on the state of the art in this field paying extra attention to theoretical and methodological advancement, including the aim to stimulate comparative international research.
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