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This year, we have changed things up in the format of the Congress. During the summer, we launched a wide call for panels to our network and received very satisfying feedbacks.  Instead of 3 main subthemes and an Open Call, we propose to you 21 calls for papers focusing on different aspects on the main theme:


Therefore, it has collected numerous call-for-papers operationalizing the concept of administrative resilience. The calls are clustered in the following subthemes:

  • New Public Governance;
  • Risks, crises and disasters management;
  • Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Political and administrative resilience.
  • And the Open Call

We therefore invite you to discover our call for papers and submit your abstracts. We look forwards to receiving them.

More information on

The Italian National Section of IIAS, EGPA/IIAS and and the Scuola Nazionale di Amministrazione jointly organise a high-level conference in Rome on the theme:


Martedì 28 novembre 2017

Scuola Nazionale dell’Amministrazione (SNA)
Aula Magna, via Maresciallo Caviglia, 24 – Roma
Programma e registrazione al convegno: PDF


Tuesday, 28 November 2017
Scuola Nazionale dell’Amministrazione (SNA)
Aula Magna, via Maresciallo Caviglia, 24 – Roma

Programme and Registration: PDF

Working Language: Italian

28 Jun 2017

2018 IIAS Congress: Call for Panels

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The 2018 IIAS Congress will take place in Tunis, Tunisia on 25-29 June.

Hereby, we invite you making this Congress yours by submitting a panel proposal.
A panel proposal has a title, one or several co-chairs, and a call-for-papers.
Accepted proposals will be published on the Congress website by October 2nd.

The full call for panels is available here.

Don’t hesitate to forward this call to your colleagues.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Tunis,

More information about the Congress :

The 2017 IIAS International Congress has just started and the IIAS and IMPGT (Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale) has started to welcome the participants in Aix-en-Provence. 

For the first time, we will be broadcasting on Facebook Live the Braibant Lecture, the IIAS Signature event. 

This year, the Braibant Lecture will be given by Jean-Marc Sauvé, Vice-President of the Council of State of France. His lecture entitled “Migrations Seen by the Law: A National Judge’s Perspective” will review the historical developments in the law of foreign nationals and the right of asylum in Europe and France. He will draw on his experience as a national judge to discuss the legal conditions for the reception of migrants and, in particular, asylum seekers and the protection of the fundamental rights of foreign nationals.

Join us on Wednesday 31 May at 11:15 CET on our Facebook Page


The statutory election of the Latin American Group for Public Administration (LAGPA) took place during its annual conference on October 10 in Cali, Colombia. Prof. Bianor Cavalcanti, outgoing president of LAGPA and newly elected President of IASIA, ceded the presidency of LAGPA to Prof. Edgar Varela Barrios from the Universidad del Valle, Colombia. Similarly, the LAGPA steering committee has been renewed. On the above picture, from left to right: Mr. Rolet Loretan, IIAS Director General, Prof. Edgar Varela Barrios, new president of LAGPA, Prof. Bianor Cavalcanti, new President of IASIA and César Rojas Alfonzo, Executive Secretary of LAGPA.


The Registration to the 2016 IIAS-IASIA Joint Congress is open! 

Information on how to register and the rates can be found via the following link under “Registration – Submission”.

The provisional programme is also online. 

The congress will bring together academics and practitioners, PhD students and young researchers in public administration and management, as well as contributors from any other disciplines who will exchange on the following main theme Building Capacity for Sustainable Governance.

Please feel free to consult the following  link : for further information on the various sessions that have been scheduled during the event:

  • The 6th Intercontinental Administrative Forum
  • The IASIA Awards Session
  • Policy Platforms respectively on Sustainable Development Goals: What Will It Take?; Sustainable Governance: Legal, Institutional and Organizational Arrangements and Capacity Building: experiences, Challenges and Prospects
  • The Braibant Lecture
  • Asian Development Bank Panel
  • BRICS Panel
  • United Nations Panel
  • ICAPA Panel – Accreditation and the Quest for Excellence in Public Administration Education and Training
  • OECD Panel
  • PhD session – How to Get Published
  • Sessions of presentation of papers received under the IIAS call for papers and the IASIA Call for papers

And many more!

We are pleased to inform you that the 2015 International Congress of IIAS Report is published.

The Congress was held on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 22-26 June 2015 in collaboration with the FGV – Fundação Getulio Vargas

The theme was “Trust in Public Administration”

Download the full Report or read it online.


The Congress will bring together academics and practitioners, PhD students and young researchers in public administration and management, as well as contributors from any other disciplines who will exchange on the following main theme Building Capacity for Sustainable Governance

Different types of Call for papers are proposed to you:

Call for papers – Workshop sessions prepared based on three subthemes:

  1. Strategic Visions and Priorities for Sustainable Governance;
  2. Building modern legal, institutional, and organizational governance systems;
  3. Building public service human and financial resources capacity.

Download the IIAS Subthemes Call for Papers

Call for papers of the nine IASIA working groups:

  1. Education and Training in Public Administration
  2. Public Sector Ethics & Culture
  3. Public Sector Reform
  4. Subnational Governance and Development
  5. Gender, Diversity and Equity,
  6. Public Sector Leadership & Governance,
  7. Public Policy, Public Decision-making and Policy Implementation
  8. Public Sector Human Resources Management
  9. International Dimensions of the Public Administration

Open call:

For authors who wish to submit an abstract or organize a session with a topic that they believe do not fit under a programmed session

Read more on the IIAS-IASIA Joint Congress Website


The IIAS Study Group on ‘Coproduction of Public Services’ is organizing its fourth open meeting. Our aim is to create and nurture an intellectual platform for the theoretical discussion and empirical analysis of coproduction and its implications for the organization and management of public services.

Conference Topics

Coproduction refers to the involvement of both citizens and public sector professionals in the delivery of public services. Although countries differ in the extent to which citizens play a role in the provision of public services, the idea of coproduction is gaining ground around the world.

The overarching goal of this meeting of the study group is to advance our conceptual, theoretical, and empirical understanding of coproduction. To that end, we are particularly interested in papers that tackle the complexity of coproduction in terms of frameworks for analysis, applications of relevant theory, and empirical study. Speci cally, we are interested in research questions such as:

  • What frameworks are useful for advancing our understanding of coproduction?
  • What theories are relevant for understanding coproduction?
  • What do we know from the empirical study of coproduction of public services?


Please submit abstracts (maximum 600 words) by 1 March 2016 to [email protected] and [email protected] Participants will be notified of acceptance by 30 March 2016.
Full papers should be submitted by 31 May 2016.
For practical information on the event, please contact Sanna Tuurnas [[email protected]fi ].

Download full call for papers

comparative-effectiveness-research-a-bright-future-for-patient-empowerment-The IIAS Study Group on “Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Governance”, in collaboration with the IIAS-Asian Group for  Public Administration conference organiser, proposes to organise papers and panels at the IIAS-AGPA Conference on the third sub-theme of the conference (Enhancing national integrity and public service quality), with a special focus on the use of analytical and managerial tools as well as governance design to enhance the integrity, public trust, and public service quality of the government.

Go to the call for paper

The Study Group on “Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Governance” is one of the study groups of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, the umbrella organization of different regional public administration associations, including the Asian Group for Public Administration ( The purpose of the study group is to examine the theories, practices, tools, and governance issues related to government performance and to compare the practices and reform strategies of different countries. The co-chairs of the study group are Alfred T. Ho (University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA), Meili Niu (Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China), and Andrew Podger (Australian National University, Canberra, Australia).

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