The PRAC (Programme and Research Advisory Committee) - IIAS-IISA - International Institute of Administrative Sciences - Institut international des Sciences administratives

The PRAC proposes to the Council of Administration the theme of the Major Meetings of IIAS. It contributes to the orientation and evaluation of the scientific activities and to the co-ordination of them with those of the Specialised Associations and Regional Groups.
It evaluates, each year, the scientific activities and for this purpose, it examines reports from the Rapporteurs of the Project Groups and from those of the Major Meetings.

List of Members 2016-2019 :

Masiro Horie


Masahiro Horie (Japan)

Masahiro Horie is Senior Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo, Japan. He is currently the Director of the Executive Development Center for Global Leadership and also the Director of the Young Leaders Program which is a master’s degree program. Until recently he was the Vice President of GRIPS and the Dean for International Affairs. Before moving to GRIPS, he worked for the Japanese Government for many years. Jobs he had in the Central Government include the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Director-General of the Cabinet Secretariat Office for the Promotion of Administrative Reform of the Japanese Government, the Director-General of the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications Policy, the Deputy Director-General of the Postal Services Agency, and the Director-General of the Statistical Standards Department. He studied at the Department of Law of the University of Tokyo, the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University and the Department of Administrative Sciences (now the School of Management) of Yale University. He has taught and lectured at universities and institutions in Japan and abroad including Peking University and Fudan University in China and Harvard University and University of California at Berkeley in USA. In 2001 he was selected by the Business Week magazine as one of ?Stars of Asia? in the field of politics and public administration, as the first and the only one Japanese government official.

Katju Holkeri


Katju Hölkeri (Finland)

Katju Holkeri is a financial counsellor at the Ministry of Finance’s Public Management Department in Finland. Currently she works as Head of Governance Policy Unit. She is also a vice chair if the OECD’s Public Governance Committee.

Photo Geert Bouckaert

President of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences

Geert Bouckaert (Belgium)

Professor Geert Bouckaert is the current President of International Institute of Administrative Sciences. He was a President of the European Group for Public Administration (2004-2010).

He graduated from the Catholic University of Leuven with degrees in Business Administration (1980), Political Science (1983) and Philosophy (1984). He received a PhD in Social Sciences in 1990 (Public Management Centre, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Leuven). He taught at the University of Twente, Netherlands, the University of Potsdam and the Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften, Speyer, Germany.

He was a Director of the Public Management Institute, Catholic University of Leuven (1998-2013). He was appointed Adviser to the Government of Finland (1999-2000), the Flemish Government for the modernization program (1992-1998), to the OECD for the “Performance, Accountability and Control” (1992-1993), and “Quality in the Public Sector” (1994) projects. He is a Member of the Scientific Council of the French Review of Public Administration, ENA, Paris (2003), Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Public Management and Economic Development at the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry (2002) and Member of Scientific Committee of EPAN (2002). In 2003, he received the Tocqueville Award of EIPA and sevarl titles of docteor honoris causa (Université Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III, Tallinn Technical University, Corvinus University Budapest and the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration of Romania. Geert Bouckaert has published numerous articles mainly on administrative reforms.


President of the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration

Bianor Cavalcanti (Brazil)

Bianor Scelza Cavalcanti is the International Director of the Getulio Vargas Foundation; he was also the Regional Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean of the IASIA, International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration, and the President of the LAGPA, Latin American Group for Public Administration of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences. He has extensive national and international experience in teaching, researching and consulting in the fields of public administration and public policies.

He is full professor and has held the position of Director of the Getulio Vargas Foundation Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas. Prof. Cavalcanti holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Policy from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, serves on important boards of trustees and advisory boards, and has published several scientific articles both in Brazil and abroad.

His main book “The Equalizer Manager: management strategies in the public sector” was published in Portuguese, in Brazil, in 2005; in 2009, this book was launched in Spanish, in Argentina, and in French, in Canada; in 2014, an English e-book version was launched from FGV editing house.
Over more than 40 years Bianor has built a solid and solidary career in the field of Public Administration, contributing to strengthening the role of this area in the searching of the development of the states.

Edoardo Ongaro

President of the European Group for Public Administration

Edoardo Ongaro (Italy)

Edoardo Ongaro is professor of international public services management at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK. Previously he has held positions at SDA Bocconi School of Management and Bocconi University, where he still serves as senior visiting professor of management of international and supranational organizations.

Since September 2013 he is the President of EGPA; he has served in the Steering Committee of EGPA since 2009. He was reelected for a second term (2016-2019) as EGPA President last August in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

During the period 2006-09 he has been one of the Chairs of the Permanent Study Group on Intergovernmental Relations, and over 2010-13 he has been a Chair of the Permanent Study Group on EU Administration and Multi-Level Governance.

He is Editor-in-chief (appointed) of the journal Public Policy and Administration. He has served in various academic and expert committees and has contributed to numerous international research projects.

He has published extensively on the topic of administrative reforms at the national and European level. Publications include Public Management Reform and Modernization: Trajectories of Administrative Change in Italy, France, Greece, Portugal and Spain (2009, Edward Elgar); also published with Elgar are: Governance and Intergovernmental Relations in the European Union and the United States: Theoretical perspectives, 2010, and Policy, Performance and Management inGovernance and Intergovernmental Relations: Transatlantic Perspectives, 2011 (both co-edited with Marc Holzer, Andrew Massey and Ellen Wayenberg). He is currently working at a book (co-authored with Ewan Ferlie) entitled strategic Management in Public Service Organisations(forthcoming, Routledge) and at an edited book entitled Multi-Level Governance: The Missing Linkages (forthcoming, Emerald).


President of the Latin American Group for Public Administration

Edgar Varella Barrios (Colombia)

Professor Edgar Varela Barrios holds a Ph.D in Management from HEC School of Higher Commercial Studies of Montreal-Canada, a Master in Andean History and is a Bachelor of Philosophy, Universidad del Valle. Currently, he is the rector of the Universidad del Valle, a position he has held since 20 November 2015. He was appointed President of the Latin American Group for Public Administration – LAGPA  the regional group of the IIAS. For the past 23 years, he’s been a professor at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the Universidad del Valle, in graduate and undergraduate studies, teaching Epistemology, Regional and Local Development, Public Policy, Political Theory, Sociology of Society’s Political Doctrines and Organisational Theory.

Jiang Wu

President of the Asian Group for Public Administration

Jiang Wu (China)

Professor Jiang Wu, member of the National Commitee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), President of the Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, honorary professor of China National School of Administration and doctoral supervisor of the College of Administration of Jilin University, Vice-president of China Administration Society, and Vice-president of China Organisation and Establishment Research Society. Before his current position, he also served as deputy Director of research Office of the Central Organisation Department, Deputy Chief Editor of Party Contruction Publishing House, Dean of Public Administration Department of China National School of Administration.


Editor of the International Review of Administrative Sciences (IRAS)

Andrew Massey (United Kingdom)

Andrew Massey is a professor of Politics at the College of Social Sciences and International Studies, University of EXTER. He  has worked in a range of areas including British, European, and US policy and politics. His main areas of research include comparative public policy, public administration and issues around the reform and modernization of government and governance at all levels in the UK, US, EU and globally. He also has a long standing interest in energy policy, especially civil nuclear energy; professionalism and ethics and accountability.

He is currently Editor in Chief of the International Review of Administrative Sciences, the journal of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences.  He is also Deputy Editor for the journal Public Money and Management; Vice president of the European Group for Public Administration; and a member of the executive of the UK’s Political Studies Association.

Robert Fouchet

Director of Publications

Robert Fouchet (France)

Professor in Management Sciences, Robert Fouchet has held since the beginning of his career responsibilities in the field of Universities and Higher Education

In particular,

  • Founding Director of the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance, IMPGT, a part of Aix Marseille University hosting some 1,000 students – PHD, Bachelor & Master’s; Professional trainings…- (1996 to today)
  • Special Advisor to the President of the University Paul Cézanne in charge of the reorganization of university personnel, finances, training and research (2008 to 2011)
  • Vice President “Finances & cultural Heritage” at the University Paul Cézanne (2005-2008)
  • Special Advisor to the University president in charge of LOLF – French legislation governing public finance – (University Paul Cezanne, 2003-2005)
  • Director of Aix-en-Provence University Institute of Technology (1996)
  • ….

He also heads the research centre in Public Management (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche en Gestion d’Aix Marseille, CERGAM – Aix Marseille University), is the editorial Manager on the International Journal of Public Sector Performance Management. Member of numerous committees and evaluation expertise, and scientific commissions related to the public sector,

He is an Expert for the French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education, AERES ? and as such, in charge of the assessment of some French higher education institutions (Paris 6, Rennes, Marne la Vallée, Orléans…). He has recently been in charge of an evaluation mission on universities for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

His research led him to work on changing university systems, new modes of governance, culture management; He is often asked to talk about those themes as a visiting professor or speaker and is currently supervising 10 PhD in those fields.

Professor Robert Fouchet is responsible for The Euro-MENA Dialogue of Public Management, ( launched in 2008; he is also a support to the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean doctoral school in Public Management.




Argun Akdogan (Turkey)

TODAIE (The Institute of Public Administration for Turkey and Middle East).

Jean-Loup Chappelet (Switzerland)

Jean-Loup Chappelet is a full professor of public management at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP) associated to the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He was also IDHEAP Director from 2003 to 2011. Born in Morocco in 1953, he obtained a PhD from the University of Montpellier, France, and a MSc from Cornell University, New York, where he held teaching and research positions (Fullbright Fellow). He was then a science officer at the French Embassy in China. In the 1980s, he worked for five years as head of the Information Technology department within the International Olympic Committee administration. He joined IDHEAP after six years of management consulting in a ‘big four’ firm.

Jean-Loup Chappelet specialises in information management, as well as on the management of non profit sport organisations. He is the author of several books and numerous scientific articles in these domains. He has directed several R&D projects financed by the Swiss National Research Fund, the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation, the Swiss Virtual Campus or the European Union (IST Framework programme). He was the volunteer technical director of the candidatures of the city of Sion, Switzerland, for the 2002 and 2006 Winter Games. He launched in 1995 the first sport management course in Switzerland. He is a board member of the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology (AISTS) and the Foundation for Sport, Science and Society (FS3).

Susan Gooden (United States-ASPA)

Susan T. Gooden is professor of public administration and policy at the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University, president of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and fellow of the congressional chartered National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA). Her books include Race and Social Equity: A Nervous Area of Government (2014, Routledge) and Cultural Competency for Public Administrators (2012, Routledge), a co-edited volume. Her research on social equity has been published in Public Administration ReviewJournal of Public Administration Research and TheoryAdministrative Theory and PraxisState and Local Government ReviewJournal of Public Management and Social PolicyJournal of Public Affairs EducationReview of Public Personnel Administration and other journals. Her research has been funded by several organizations, including the Kellogg Foundation, the Smith Richardson Foundation, MDRC and the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

Sabine Kuhlmann (Germany)

Sabine Kuhlmann is Professor for Political Science, Administration and Organization at the University of Potsdam, Germany; Vice-President of EGPA and a member of the National Regulatory Control Council of the German Federal Government. Her main research interests include comparative public administration, public sector reforms, local government, and evaluation. She has published inter alia in Public Administration Review, Public Management Review, and Public Administration. Books have appeared with Edwar Elgar, for example an introduction into Comparative Public Administration (together with Hellmut Wollmann). Sabine Kuhlmann is deputy editor of the International Review of Administrative Sciences. – Biography

Hyung Jun Park (South Korea)

Dr. Hyung Jun Park is an associate professor in the Department of Public Administration and the Graduate School of Governance at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, Korea. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Askew School of Public Administration and Public Policy at the Florida State University in 2005.

Professor Park is currently the director of Governance and Policy Evaluation Institution and the Head of Faculty of Public Affairs in Sungkyunkwan University. He received a Mosher Award winner, best academic PAR paper award from the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) in 2009. He was a program co-chair and council member of the International Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). He was an international conference program chair of the Korea Association of Policy Studies in 2011.

He also took many important professional roles in the Korean Public Administration communities and various advisory roles in the Korean Government and the Korean National Assembly. He is also an editorial board member of many journals including the State and Local Government Review and many others.

His researches on public management, policy network, policy analysis, collaborative governance, economic development, and regulatory policies have been published widely in many domestic and international journals. They include: Urban Affairs Review, Public Administration Review, International Review of Public Administration, American Review of Public Administration, Journal of Local Government Studies, Modern Society and Public Administration, International Journal of Economic Development, Korean Policy Studies Review, and many Korean academic journals.

Monney Dr. Stéphane Monney Mouandjo (CAFRAD)

A Cameroonese, Stéphane Monney Mouandjo is a doctor of public law and political science at the University of Reims and a former students of the universities of N’Gaoundéré, Strasbourg and Reims. His work focuses on various and transversal  issues in the fields of law, public administration in Africa, democracy and especially the issue of international election observation. An academic, Stéphane Monney Mouandjo is professor and researcher at the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon (IRIC), Expert at the African Centre for Training and Research Administration for Development (CAFRAD) in Tangier, the institution of which he is in charge of, among other, the publication of the “Journal of African Public Administration” and the international relations of this Pan-African institution.

pilt Ringa Raudla Ringa Raudla (Estonia)

Ringa Raudla is Senior Research Fellow at Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. She holds a doctoral degree in economics from the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Social Sciences, University of Erfurt, Germany. Her main research interests are fiscal governance and fiscal policy, budgeting, public sector accounting, social insurance, institutional economics and constitutional political economy.  She has published numerous articles and book chapters in areas such as constitutional political economy, social insurance reform, public procurement, fiscal governance, and fiscal sociology. Her recent publications include articles in Governance, Journal of Public Policy, Public Administration, Constitutional Political Economy, European Journal of Law and Economics, Policy Studies and Europe-Asia Studies.



Alexander Balthasar  (Austria)

Academic Profile: Venia Legendi (postdoctoral lecture qualification) for Constitutional Law and General Political Theory (University of Graz, November
Dr. iur. (University of Vienna, March 1987)
Mag. phil. (Master’s Degree in History, University of Vienna, March 1994)

Professional Career:

I. Main functions:

Head of the Institute for State Organisation and Administrative Reform within the Austrian Federal Chancellery (since July 2012)
Seconded National Expert to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (from April 2010  to April 2012), in addition: Adviser to the Director-
General of the Austrian Federal Chancellery (2010 – June 2012)
Researcher at the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute of Human Rights (Vienna; September 2008 – December 2009)
Member of the Independent Federal Asylum Senate (= judge on asylum matters; 1998 – June 2008)
Staff member of the Constitutional Service within the Austrian Federal Chancellery (July 1995 – 1997)
Assistant at the Austrian Administrative Court (September 1994 – June 1995)
Staff member of the then Austrian Ministry for Economic Affairs (various directorates)

II. International function: Member of the Bureau of the European Committee on Democracy and Governance

G. Zhiyong Lan (China)

Professor Lan obtained his B. A. from Nanjing university, China and his Ph.D. degree in Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University (1991). He started his teaching career at Arizona State University, USA in 1990 and became a tenured full professor in 2002 at Arizona State University. He is now a professeur at Tsinghua  University’s School of Public Management. His teaching and research interests include public policy/administration reform, urban governance, conflict resolution, and government and business relationships.

He has published 4 books, over 100 journal articles, book chapters, and other publications in the United States and China. He won a number of research and service awards, and has been listed in Marquis Who Is Who in America multiple times. Professor Lan was a research fellow at the China Center for Economics in Beijing University (1997), a research fellow at the University of Hong Kong (1997-1999), and was a Fulbright Lecturer in 2004-05, and currently Fulbright senior specialist candidate (2006-2011). He serves as an external program reviewer or thesis reader for some Hong Kong and Singapore universities. He holds adjunct professorship at Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Nanjing University. He has been a speaker at many international conferences, community gatherings, local government training sessions, and high level policy forums.

Professor Lan was Executive-on-Loan to the city of Phoenix in 2000-2001 and served as its Chairman of the Chengdu Committee in 2002-04, through which he coordinated international training and many international visits to American local governments and businesses. He serves on a number of editorial boards and is now editor-in-chief of the journal: “Public Administration and Policy Review” published by Renmin University Press. Professor Lan consults with local governments both in the U.S. and in China and with the World Bank on China’s public administration reform.

  Ghazi Gheirari (Tunisia)

Faculty of Judicial, Political and Social Sciences of Tunis, University of Carthage


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